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Frequently asked boarding questions.

What is kennel cough?
Some things we like to go over when we have a new puppy family. Just like our little human kids when they start school they are in a very important part of their immune development. They can actually contract a common cold and cough. Many vets refer to it as “Kennel Cough”. There is NO vaccination to protect against the common cold and cough. There is a vaccine that is called Bordetella which protects against a particular strain of illness called “Bordetella”.  Unfortunately, many vets refer to this vaccine as “The Kennel Cough Vaccine”. This becomes very confusing for folks. We like to touch on this area as we feel education is very helpful. Although we have a very low incidence of this at our facility and take every measure to prevent the spread of this airborne illness. The risk is there as it is at any indoor or outdoor facility where dogs share the same air. 

Will you board my dogs together?
Yes, we will board the same family dogs together unless they request otherwise.

Should I bring food for my pet?
Yes, bring your dog’s food.

Can I bring a blanket or toys?
No blankets, bowls, or personal belongings. You can request blankets for your dog at no charge.

Do you have an on-site Vet? What happens in case of an emergency?
No on-site vet, if there is an emergency we will take your dog to a local vet.

Can you administer my pet’s medication?
We are not a vet facility or vet techs, however, we will administer non-lifesaving medications.

What activities do you offer to keep my dog active?
Playtime is from 10 am – 4 pm with breaks as needed.

One of the things which makes us unique at Animal Crackers is our free roam grooming area. This allows for the dogs to relax, interact with each other, and have an experience they look forward to.

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